About Me

My name is Jon Sturtevant. I am a 4th year math teacher at Granada Hill Charter High School. This year I am teaching Algebra I (co-taught with a special education teacher), Algebra II and IB Mathematics SL. I am alsoSTURTEVANT_JONATHAN one of the coaches of our Academic Decathlon team so I also have a period of Decathlon Math. I love teaching and am constantly re-inventing myself. I
am one of those teachers that hears a new great idea and wants to implement it the next day. I view this as my greatest weakness but also my greatest strength. I love collaborating and currently work with a small group of teachers in my department to co-plan, co-assess and keep one another sane. They push me to be the best teacher I can be but I am hoping to gain a lot from the online community as well. Welcome to my blog. It is a bunch of ramblings about things I have tried or cool articles I read or great lessons I stole or just my journey through the world of teaching. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.